Extended School Year

Below Are the Forms You Will Need to Complete ESYS Eligibility Screenings

Instructional Forms and Guides:

  1. LDOE Powerpoint for Extended School Year
  2. Quick Look to Determine Eligibility
  3. A Detailed Look at How to Determine Eligibility
  4. ESYS Eligibility Chart

For the Whole Class: (Each of these forms should be turned in by every teacher)

  1. Extended School Year Services Screening Eligibility Form A
  2. Extended School Year Services Screening Eligibility Form B

For each Individual Student: (complete the form for each area the IEP team has determined to consider for ESY)

  1. ESYS- Criteria Documentation
  2. Regression Recoupment
  3. Critical Point of Instruction
  4. Employment Documentation
  5. Early Steps to Preschool Documentation
  6. Transition to Post School
  7. Excessive Absences

For each Ineligible Student:

  1. Letter of Ineligibility

For each Eligible Student:

  1. Eligibility Determination Letter
  2. ESY How to Open IEP
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